Robotics dismantling a vacuum cleaner at Stena Nordic Recycling Center

New technology has a great potential to develop recycling processes and create new sustainable values. In Stena Recycling's alliance with ABB and Combitech, a unique solution with advanced technology is constructed, where a robot dismantles a Electrolux vacuum cleaner. It provides both increased recycling rate of plastics and creates the potential to replace manual work.



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Recycling of plastics in old electronics

Plastics from old electronics are now treated at Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad, Sweden, and turned into new valuable raw material.

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Closing the loop together

On April 4, Stena Recycling invited companies and corporations all of over Northern Europe to discuss recycling and how to close the plastic loop.

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“Endless possibilities”

What role will plastic play in the future? In this episode of Thoughts on Plastic, Andreas Malmberg gives his view on recycled plastic.

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