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Circular Voice 2023

Clear consumer information on recyclable materials is pivotal, ranking high among factors influencing perceptions of a product's sustainability. Challenges in discerning recyclability and price stand as primary barriers to transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Factors like a product's durability, repairability, and low energy consumption play pivotal roles in consumer purchasing decisions. However, the clash between values and reality is evident, with higher household costs influencing behaviors.

Voices from Circular Initiative 2023

Vanessa Butani

VP of Group Sustainability at Electrolux Group

Lisa Ekstrand

Vice President & Head of Sustainability at Vestas

Kristofer Sundgård

President & CEO of Stena Recycling Group

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To achieve a sustainable future, 'Scaling up – for a new tomorrow' urges businesses to transition to a circular economy by maximizing existing resources, extending product lifecycles, and boosting recycling rates through the adoption of recycled and recyclable materials.

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Last year's report

Would you like to delve deeper into the findings of the Circular Voice survey 2022?

The survey primarily centered on fostering collaboration for a brighter future and underscored the environmental advantages of utilizing recycled materials over raw materials sourced from nature.

Panel from Circular Initiative 2023

Circular Initiative 2023

Scaling up – For a new tomorrow

Circular Initiative was the sustainability event of the year, where pioneering leaders gathered to exchange ideas, showcase projects, and establish collaborations. The theme that year was Scaling Up – realizing bold ideas and promising prototypes. It was time to take the leap into the loop!

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