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Re-creating the future - Aluminium recycling

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The value of recycling metals

Recycling supports a more sustainable society in many ways. For example, with efficient recycling, metals can be used over and over again. This in its turn minimizes the need to mine and process virgin ore.
The aluminium loop

The aluminium loop

At an increasing rate, industries are choosing to use recycled materials in their products. People often talk about reclaiming the material from their production. At the same time, there are already developed circular solutions rarely spoken about.
Stena goals

Manage your recycling by setting goals

Set distinct and measurable goals for how you deal with your production waste. It is by far the simplest way to improve your business results.

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Re-creating the future

We all want to use more recycled raw materials in production instead of the Earth’s natural resources
Taking care of batteries from electrified vehicles

Used car batteries

With our processes, used car batteries are a mine of useful resources for new electrified vehicles.
Recycling plastic from electronic waste

Recycling plastic from electronic waste

There is a lot of plastic in our electronics. By proper recycling of the electronics waste and its plastics in modern processes, we can use those materials again, in new products.
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