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We can help you:

  • Secure high-quality recycled raw material
  • Collect and take care of your waste responsibly
  • Reuse and recycle more
  • Reduce climate impact
  • Increase your recycling recovery rate
  • Ensure greater traceability

We invest in your future

Whether you work with metal, plastics, batteries or electronics in your manufacturing, Stena Recycling continually develops and invests in new processes to provide you with a steady, reliable supply of high-quality recycled raw materials for use in your production.

At the Stena Nordic Recycling Centre in Sweden, and other similar facilities across Europe, we have invested a vast amount of time and resources to ensure that we can deliver advanced and efficient recycling on an industrial level.

So, whatever materials you deal with, whatever the volume, contact us and let’s discover your potential together.

Discover how our processes can benefit your business


Aluminium recycling

Our high-quality recycled aluminium can replace virgin material, save energy and reduce CO2
Recycling plastic from electronic waste

Recycling plastic from electronic waste

There is a lot of plastic in our electronics. By proper recycling of the electronics waste and its plastics in modern processes, we can use those materials again, in new products.
Taking care of batteries from electrified vehicles

Used car batteries

With our processes, used car batteries are a mine of useful resources for new electrified vehicles.
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