New collaboration gives Volvo bus batteries a second life


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Together with Volvo Buses, Stena Recycling's subsidiary Batteryloop takes a new step towards a sustainable future. When the buses' batteries are replaced, they will have a second life and be reused as energy storage for many years, for example in properties and charging stations.

Electric buses are becoming more common in our cities as the demands on emission-free public transport increase. This also means that the number of bus batteries that need to be taken care of will also increase significantly in the near future. Stena Recycling's subsidiary Batteryloop recently signed a cooperation agreement with Volvo Buses on the reuse of batteries.

When the batteries have been used to power buses for many years, there is still enough capacity left to use them as energy storage. This means that natural resources can be saved and the customer's cost of recycling the batteries can be turned into an income when they are sold for reuse. A sustainable solution in many ways.

“We are delighted and proud that Batteryloop has the opportunity to buy the used batteries and develop this solution together with Volvo Buses,” says Rasmus Bergström, Managing Director of Batteryloop.

”This cooperation is truly a major step in the right direction,” says Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses.

Read the full story on Batteryloop's website:

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