If you have scrap iron or metal, it is important to find a serious recycling partner that recycles the material in an environmentally sound manner and gives you the best possible price for your material. We collect, refine and recycle all forms of iron and metal scrap and offer a wide range of equipment and containers for efficient sorting. We ensure regular emptying, safe handling and guarantee safe disposal.

This is what we do with the material

Metal scrap is very suitable for metal recycling and can in principle be recycled an infinite number of times. The collected iron and metal scrap goes either to our branches or fragmentation plants where it is checked, sorted and processed to meet the quality and purchasing requirements of the steel and metalworks. Subsequently, the material is prepared for further delivery to our customers. From us, the works receive quality-assured raw material for the production of new products that then get a new life in the cycle. All handling takes place at our environmentally approved and certified plants for metal recycling.

We make sure that there is good provision for everything we collect from you and we have well-established channels for the resale of raw materials on the world market.

Utilizing and making new raw material of waste generates great profits. Above all, in the global perspective, which in turn leads to a sustainable society.

Iron and METAL facts


Used to make steel and refined in steelworks and smelters, where it is turned in to sheet metal for use in cars or for beams and pipes in bridges for example.

Stainless steel

Steel can withstand harsh environments and is used for, amongst other things, pipes in industrial products and parts in washing machines.


Copper is an excellent material for conducting electricity and is found in cables and other electrical and electronic products.


Leads electricity well and has a low weight. Metal recycled aluminum is found in power lines, beverage cans and aircraft bodies.

TRENDs within METAL recyclING

  • Large and uncertain price fluctuations on iron and metals are also expected in the future
  • More complex scrap occurs within Europe. Increased demands on material processing require more investments in facilities, technology and research.
  • Increased requirements for control of materials throughout the chain for metal recycling
  • Iron and metal scrap is a qualified raw material for the end user. The requirements for quality assurance and delivery are becoming increasingly important

Did you know?

Recycling of 1 ton  of iron saves over 1 ton carbon dioxide emissions. Aluminium is an excellent material for recyling as it is energy-intensive to manufacture. Recycling saves 95 percent of the emergy compared to producing new aluminium from new ore.

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