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Going Circular - E-Learning

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Part 1 - Exploring the possibilities

Explores the benefits and strategies of adopting a circular economy, emphasizing substantial environmental and economic benefits for businesses. It explains achievability through product redesign, development of end-of-life systems, and innovation in how to do business.  

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Part 2 - Going Circular

Delves into envisioning a sustainable future, exploring the circular economy concept and how businesses can use it to innovate for growth within the planet’s boundaries. Key topics include an in-depth look at circular economy principles, an explanation of the Butterfly Diagram and circular resource flows, and the significance of staying within the planetary boundaries.

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Part 3 - Making it happen

Focuses on the practical steps and strategies for organizations to implement the circular economy in daily business. Dive into interactive content to unravel the circular value chain's transformation. Discover opportunities like Product as a Service (PaaS), asset sharing, take-back systems, and other innovative models. This module provides examples of successful initiatives led by frontrunning companies, introduces tools for measuring progress, and equips businesses to take actionable steps toward circularity.

The Going Circular e-course is a collaborative effort between Stena Circular Consulting and communications agency Involve, blending deep circular economy expertise with extensive experience in corporate learning, internal communication, change communication, and employee engagement. This partnership has created an online crash course filled with valuable information, practical advice, and tangible examples, delivered in an accessible, engaging, and inspiring format.