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Circular strategy

Three Stena Circular Consulting employees collaborating.

CSRD: Resource use and circular economy (ESRS E5) disclosure support

As part of the ESRS E5, you are required to disclose how your company strategy, business model, and operations support a transition to a circular economy, and the financial impact in terms of risks and opportunities that resource use and circular economy has on your business.

Stena Circular Consulting can assist you in complying with the “Resource Use and Circular Economy” (ESRS E5) requirements. This includes but not limited to collecting, synthesizing and disclosing the required information on material inflow and outflow, repairability of products, financial effects. Furthermore, we help you close key knowledge gaps in terms of how to take the right steps to become more circular, while also demonstrating to the market, customers, and investors that you are committed to circularity.

We leverage our knowledge of the resource management industry and circular economy to guide you in making sense of the large amounts of data and disclosing information needed to meet the ESRS E5 reporting requirements.