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Consumer demand for recycled and recyclable products

Views expressed in the circular voice

70% considered the recyclability of products to be important or very important

78% considered it important that products are clearly marked with the amount of recycled material they contain.

40% would support a ban on products that can’t be recycled.

Clear product information, recyclability, energy consumption and responsible manufacturing are equally important in assessing sustainable products.

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Lack of climate-smart products makes consumers hesitate in store. Consumers expects the products to be made of circular materials.

Consumers expect more from manufacturers

In our survey, only 48% believed there are enough climate-smart products currently available. Companies have a primary role to play in increasing the use of circular materials in products.
In our survey, only 48% of the consumers believed there are enough climate-smart products currently available on the market.

Factors that affect sustainable consumption

In our survey, 65% are willing to alter their buying behaviour. 40% reject brands and products that are not sustainable. Read more about the factors that affect buying behaviour.
Consumers express the high expectations they have for companies in Stena Recycling's European consumer survey - The Circular Voice.

Circular voice

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