In our survey, only 48% of the consumers believed there are enough climate-smart products currently available on the market.
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Product features that determine sustainable consumption

Views expressed in the circular voice

65% are totally, or significantly, willing to alter their buying behaviour.

52% believe there is an insufficient supply of sustainable products.

40% actively reject products or brands that don’t meet their values.

Inadequate supply and product labelling are the main obstacles to sustainable consumption.

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Recycled and recyclable products

Consumers have high confidence in recycled raw materials. 69% consider a product’s recyclability to be important.
Lack of climate-smart products makes consumers hesitate in store. Consumers expects the products to be made of circular materials.

Consumers expect more from manufacturers

In our survey, only 48% believed there are enough climate-smart products currently available. Companies have a primary role to play in increasing the use of circular materials in products.
Consumers express the high expectations they have for companies in Stena Recycling's European consumer survey - The Circular Voice.

Circular voice

Let's make things better. Together. Materials form the basis of everything we make and use - from homes and bridges to cars and mobile phones.
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