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Finding and benefiting from hidden production values

The importance of reaching goals

Set short-term goals, as they give a sense of accomplishment and that the workplace really achieves things. This also strengthens the relationships of the workplace, as well as being a major contributing factor to increased awareness.

Sharing experience, knowledge, successful cases and setups is a key part when working with optimization. Common sense rule. It’s important to have an open mind in making the production more efficient.

Tips for optimization
  • Have waste management on your daily agenda (at morning meetings etc.)
  • Try to see the whole perspective. Several projects at the same time can create synergies and values.
  • Dare to analyze your materials, get into in your containers and find out what’s there.
  • Work on key figures, goals and sub-goals.

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Rtena recycling employee discussing with customer

Impact of a higher degree of recycling

We need to recycle as much as possible, and to as a high degree as possible. We all benefit from this, as this is the basis for creating a sustainable and successful business and societies.

Electrolux professionals optimized path in the Ljungby factory

With the right insights, it is possible to develop your waste resource management, save time and money, and take an important step towards more efficient production and less climate impact.
Different metals

Have you protected the values in your metals?

Metals and the waste of metals are a valuable part of our finite resources. Using recycled metals instead of virgin saves energy and resources as it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
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