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Circular readiness

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Going Circular - E-Learning

Need to build awareness within the organisation about circular economy? Together with some of Sweden's most successful and sustainable companies we’ve developed an online e-learning course. They have shared their knowledge and experience to help create an accessible course that aligns with the business perspective. We believe we need to make the journey towards circularity together.

The Going Circular course gives your team a clear picture of what the circular economy is and why we need to act. You will also get insight and tools to decide HOW to act. Above all, the training highlights the advantages of the transition towards circularity and sets focus on how to reduce waste, optimise resources, and tap into new business opportunities that align with the sustainability goals of the 21st century.

This course is already online, you can buy a licence to access content on our platform or integrate it in your Learning Management System.

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Life cycle assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) provides a full picture of the environmental impacts associated with a product throughout its entire life cycle.

This includes the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use, and end-of-life disposal or recycling. By considering all stages of a product's life cycle, LCA enables informed decision-making by identifying areas of high environmental impact and highlighting opportunities for improvement. Using LCA methodology we help companies prioritize actions to reduce environmental impact, optimize resource use, and move towards more sustainable practices.

Deep LCA Expertise – Cradle to Grave

Our approach to LCA extends beyond the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions. We offer a comprehensive evaluation, examining a broad spectrum of impact categories including resource depletion, water use, and considerations for end-of-life management. This thorough analysis ensures a complete understanding of your product's environmental footprint. 

Our team is equipped to provide LCAs for products and systems of any scale, whether you are developing a new product or seeking to enhance the sustainability of an existing one.