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Material expertise releases hidden value

There are always alternatives

Stena Recycling is aware of a growing interest within the manufacturing industry to improve sustainability and many companies are seeking to pursue a zero landfill policy. Fulfilling these aims means moving material up the waste hierarchy, transforming waste into resources and effectively communicating sustainability through environmental and financial reporting.

- At Stena Recycling, we believe that everything is a resource. Nothing that can be recycled should end up on a landfill site. It’s always possible to find recycling alternatives…and it generates income, says Peter Andersson.

Building a more sustainable society involves turning waste into valuable raw materials, which, in turn, become new products. Producing 1 tonne of iron by recycling reduces carbon dioxide emissions by over 1 tonne. Stena Recycling is seeking to use resources more efficiently and reduce carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. 

Working with Stena Recycling

When visiting a company’s premises, Peter Andersson and his team start by investigating and analyzing the current challenges and working with the customer to identify development opportunities.

- We take a long-term approach to the partnerships we form with our customers. We can quickly identify the most pressing problems and create new procedures to solve them, but, ultimately, it’s about continuous improvement work and optimizing processes, says Peter Andersson.

Developing the most effective solutions and building a strong collaboration takes time. It means we must be responsive, creative and, above all, open. An important part of our collaborative work is to increase recycling and sustainability knowledge within the customer’s workforce by offering on-site staff training.

- Improved sorting procedures offer better monitoring of resource flows. One general tip is to use a container for each different type of material, says Peter.

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