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Voices from Ciruclar Initiative 2023

Listen to some of the industry's leading experts

Explore the narratives of participants contributing to the success of Circular Initiative 2023

Vanessa Butani

VP of Group Sustainability at Electrolux Group

Lisa Ekstrand

Vice President & Head of Sustainability at Vestas

Åsa Granli

Business Area Manager, Motion Sweden at ABB

Linda Alvengren

Sustainability Business Partner for Circular & Climate Positive at IKEA Sweden

Madeleine Gilborne

Head of Clean Technologies & VP Energy Division at Alfa Laval

Felix Herr

Commercial Sustainability Manager at Outokumpu

Ulrika Molander

COO of GreenIron

Anna Celsing

Chief Sustainability Officer at Alfa Laval

Mats Olausson

Senior Advisor at Climate & Sustainable Finance at SEB

Kristofer Sundgård

President & CEO of Stena Recycling Group

Louise Eriksson

Principal Consultant at Stena Circular Consulting

Mats Linder

CEO of Stena Circular Consulting

Sara Davidsson

Sustainability & Compliance Director at Stena Recycling

Circular Initiative events

Curious about past Circular Initiative events? Explore valuable information and trends uncovered at these events, offering a nuanced understanding of key topics in sustainability and circular initiatives.

Panel from Circular Initiative 2023

Circular Initiative 2023

Scaling up - For a new tomorrow!
Barry Waddilove & Louise Eriksson speaking at Circular Initiative 2022 event

Circular Initiative 2022

Let’s make things better. Together.
The panel discussion from the annual event Circular Initiative 2021

Circular Initiative 2021

Unveiling innovations for a sustainable tomorrow
Crowd at the Circular Initiative 2019 event

Circular Initiative 2020

Driving circular innovation
Inside the venue of the first annual event Circular Initiative

Circular Initiative 2019

Industry leaders unite for transformation and collaboration

Circular Voice reports

Interested in gaining insights into the findings and outcomes of the Circular Voice survey conducted in previous years? Discover more about the valuable information and trends unearthed through this comprehensive survey, providing a nuanced understanding of key topics in sustainability and circular initiatives.

Woman on an escalator on the cover of Circular Voice 2023

Circular Voice 2023

"Scaling Up – For a New Tomorrow" encourages businesses to embrace a circular economy, maximizing resources, extending product lifecycles, and boosting recycling rates with recycled materials.
Bicycle spokes on the cover of Circular Voice 2022

Circular Voice 2022

Promoting collaboration for a better future, the text highlights the environmental benefits of using recycled materials compared to raw materials from natural sources.
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